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B & K Express Passport and Visa Expediting Services

B & K EXPRESS is a secure passport visa expediting company in Detroit. Our company works with the US Passport Service to expedite passport applications, and provide representation at most international embassies for rush visa processing for US citizens in all 50 states. Whether you are traveling internationally as a tourist or on business, you rest assured that we can help you. Our experienced staff provides assistance and guidance for troubled and difficult cases such as lost passport applications.

You can rely on us to furnish your well-documented visa and passport applications even under very tight time constraints. Our in-house databases have visa requirements for citizens of many different nationalities who are residents or visa holders in the United States.

We offer professional hand processing of your documents at the various consulates and government agencies locally and major cities of Washington, Chicago and New York. Our corporate staff handles every detail of your documents from the original information request to processing of your documents to their safe return via Federal Express.

Anytime you plan to travel internationally, please give us a call for current visa regulations, international vaccination requirements, and United States Department of State country descriptions and travel advisories. We look forward to assist you in future travel.

B&K Express, trusted name in expediting service with over 20 years of experience. Visit our location in Detroit Metropolitan- Southfield 12Mile and North Western HWY.

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